About SeeTucson

SeeTucson is a collaborative project created to promote awareness of Tucson’s biodiversity by featuring the scientific and natural wonders found only in Southern Arizona. The project’s sponsors invite the public to share their community-sourced images through this site, SeeTucson.org.

Observation is a basic principle of scientific practice and these photographic images, created in Tucson and the Southern Arizona region, can serve as a living document for exploration of our spectacular and unique natural environment.

The images posted on SeeTucson are generated by Instagram users utilizing the #seetucson hashtag. When posting on Instagram, we encourage users to include information including date, time and location of the photo as well as a description of the object, species or scientific phenomenon being shown. We urge inclusion of additional hashtags (such as #plants, #butterflies, #sun, etc.) to provide even more context for the images.

While this is a strictly non-commercial site, we invite participation by both professional and non-professional photographers. Please note that all images posted to Instagram are covered by Instagram’s terms of Services

SeeTucson.org and its sponsors do not claim ownership of the photos shown on this site. Image copyright remains the property of image owner. If you hold a copyright to any image shown on this site and wish that the image be deleted from the site, please contact us with that written request. Finally, this site is for education purposes only – we ask that you not upload photos from this site to use without the permission.