Ventana Medical Systems

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., a member of the Roche Group, is committed to its mission to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. Ventana has grown to be the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of tissue-based diagnostic instruments and tests focused on the detection of cancer.

Ventana is headquartered in Oro Valley, northwest of Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is quickly becoming the place to be for bioscience professionals, outpacing the nation in the speed of which it adds bioscience jobs. It is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities and is focused on drawing scientists, faculty, and researchers to its expanding biotechnology core. The city’s geography is a postcard image of cactus forests, rolling hills, and awe-inspiring mountains that offer many opportunities for outdoor and sport enthusiasts.

From its offices in Oro Valley, Ventana employees continue to pursue their deeply rooted vision of innovating diagnostic testing to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer worldwide. Ventana’s culture of constant innovation fuels our vision: to empower our customers by providing the highest quality, most innovative cancer diagnostic solutions. We are passionate in our pursuit of diagnostic leadership because when we empower pathology professionals, we improve the outlook for patients.

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Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
A Member of the Roche Group
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